Imitation in Death by J.D. Robb


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Imitation in death Imitation in DeathJ. D. Robb; Berkley Books 2003WorldCatA new serial killer is in New York City in the year 2059. For his first murder, he wears a cape and top hat, solicits a licensed companion (prostitution is now legalized), then slits her throat. He imitates Jack the Ripper, but then adds his own twists. One of the twists is a note to Lt. Eve Dallas, Homicide Detective.

Eve, with the assistance of her aide, Peabody, quickly tracks down the exclusive paper and starts questioning the few known owners of it in the city. They realize this murderer is targeting women, which is why he chose Eve for his taunting note. They are sure the killer is a man with a hatred of women, especially of those in authority. The more they dig after the second victim is found, they discover that Eve will probably be targeted as well.

I delight in this series of mystery/speculative fiction novels. The characters are well defined. We probe further into them in each novel, yet don’t lose the mystery. In Imitation in Death, I felt the mystery wasn’t as well done. Eve gets into the killer’s psyche and is certain she knows his identity. Yet the reasons to lead her to that conclusion are not presented as strongly as the red herring men also involved. Robb has a mystery for this novel, but the real reason for it is the development of the ongoing characters. In my opinion, it will be one of the weaker novels in the series.

Notice: Graphic violence, Strong indecent language, Strong sexual content

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