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SuspenseIce Limit by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

The Ice LimitDouglas J. Preston; Lincoln Child; Warner Vision Books 2001WorldCatPalmer Lloyd is the richest man in the world, or close to it. He also is a collector on a grand scale. He likes to collect natural history items – dinosaur fossils, pyramids, gems, architecturally significant buildings, etc. Now he has his eye on what is probably the largest meteorite in the world. It is buried on a Chilean island in the midst of the southern Cape Horn islands. He wants to get it out and back to his new museum he is building in central New York state.

Sam McFarlane is one of the foremost meteorite experts in the world. At the moment he is ostracized due to a large mistake a few years earlier that cost him partner, wife, and credibility. Now Lloyd has offered him a chance to redeem himself. His ex-partner died when finding the meteorite. He now has to chance to finish up the man’s work and set up the meteorite in Lloyd’s museum.

Eli Glinn is the head of Effective Engineering Solutions, Inc. The company specializes in unusual, challenging, often unique jobs. Lloyd wants EES to retrieve the meteorite and bring it back to the United States intact. Based on their current knowledge it could weigh at least 4,000 tons, more than 100 times larger than the largest meteorite discovered previously. It would not be a simple “dig it out of the ground” type job. It would be a remarkable feat of engineering and politics to gather and bring in the meteorite. To compound the difficulties, it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere, making the arctic islands of Chile even colder and more dangerous.

Ice Limit is a suspense novel that pits man against the elements. Add in a determined Chilean naval commander who does not want those Americans to “steal” something that should, in his opinion, belong to Chile. Now we have the type of novel Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child excel in writing. You expect things to get dicey – and they do.

This suspense novel has an added interesting element. Ice Limit has to deal with the engineering logistics of retrieving and ferrying a rock of unimaginable size. Since this is a Preston/Child suspense, you know that the meteorite isn’t going to be some plain rock. It will have special properties that make it different from anything ever seen by man before.

Ice Limit has an exciting storyline and usually keeps the reader’s interest. There are times when the engineering explanations go on for too long, dragging down the reader. The captain of the tanker ship that goes to retrieve the meteor is an interesting, unexpected character. Lloyd is often an overbearing wealthy man intent on getting what he wants. Glinn is exceptionally cool, certain of his success. While I enjoyed the book, I bet it could have been edited down about a fifth and been a tighter story. And it has a classic mixed emotion Preston/Child ending.

Notice:  Non-graphic violence

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