Hunk for the Holidays by Katie Lane


Hunk for the Holidays by Katie Lane

RomanceStrong, independent Cassie McPherson has trouble standing up to her own family. So when the family business sponsors the company Christmas party, she hires an escort so she won’t be hounded by the matchmakers who are her relatives. This night’s escort isn’t the usual good looking, brainless college boy. James is a bit older than she is and could have stepped off the silver screen or out of a modeling agency. He’s intelligent, too.

James Sutton arrives at M&M Construction for a meeting with Al McPherson, owner. He was going to a holiday party after, so was in his tuxedo. When Cassie mistakes him for her hired escort, he goes along. Something about this take charge, beautiful, interesting woman attracts him. He wants to explore her for more than one night. But how does he tell her he really is the owner of a rival company that has been cutting into their business?

Hunk for the Holidays is boisterous, fun novel that is just what is appears. It’s a sexy romance novel with steamy bedroom scenes, misunderstandings, humor, heart break, and a final joining to satisfy the romantic soul. Katie Lane has a snappy writing style that pulls the reader in immediately, then starts a merry ride over the few days of the holidays. The burning Christmas tree scene is a hoot.

There is a side story with Cassie’s brother and her best friend that could have been its own book, but instead Lane wraps it nicely into Hunk for the Holidays.

Witty, fun, and sexy – you’ll find it in Katie Lane’s Hunk for the Holidays.

Notice:  Explicit sexual content

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