Hostage to Pleasure by Nalini Singh


Paranormal MysteryParanormal RomanceParanormal Hostage to Pleasure by Nalini SinghHostage to PleasureNalini Singh.; Berkley Sensation 2008WorldCat Although Ashaya Aleine has been working on a neural implant project for the Psy, she doesn’t agree with it. Now that she has her son free, she can escape the Psy community and leave the project. She has to go to the Changelings because they are the ones protecting her son. The Psy learn to suppress emotions while they are quite young. Ashaya is one of those whose training didn’t take. She has hidden her emotions all these years, not letting on to her people that she feels deeply. Although she is now away from the Psy, she still has to hide her feelings. There is still someone who can track her and harm her son.

Dorian Christenson is a leopard under his skin. But a genetic flaw keeps him from changing like the rest of his family. As a human with leopard instincts he has worked harder to be tough. He is a Sentinel for the Snow Dancers and a superb sniper. It is those skills that helped rescue Ashaya’s son Keenan when the Psy were using the boy to keep her on the project. Now to protect her and Keenan’s future, Ashaya has to tell the world what the Psy had her developing. Will her public exposure protect them? Or will she need Dorian to continue to protect them?

A twisted Psy man tortured and murdered Dorian’s sister. Dorian hates the Psy  and holds the Psy Council members responsible for not only spawning the man, but also for hiding him. Ashaya worked directly for the Council, so she is included in that group hatred. Even so, he will protect her because it’s his job and Keenan because Changelings value children highly. He has to protect Ashaya. But who will protect him from her?

Nalini Singh’s fantasy future Earth is an intriguing mixture of light and dark. There are more areas of nature and forests that have been protected. There are Changeling families that are very protective of each other. They are a loving group with each other. The Psy have developed wonderful technology that is beneficial to the world. Yet the Changelings featured in Singh’s Psy-Changeling novels are also warriors. The Psy are a scary group. They have psychic abilities and link to each other telepathically through the Psy Net. They eschewed emotions because of the damage they could do to each other accidentally when they could feel everything another felt. They didn’t realize that the suppression of emotions was damaging in a different way that is now finally starting to boil over. Humans, the third group of homo sapiens on Earth, have no abilities and have been in the background of these books.

Hostage to Pleasure is another sexy mixture of emotional, touch feely Changelings and withdrawn, unemotional Psy. Dorian and Ayasha are drawn to each other from first sight. He tries to deny it because she is Psy. She tries to deny it because he’s a sniper and very dangerous. Plus, she cannot allow her emotions to loose or she releases another Psy psychopath. Singh is able to dig into both minds and show the reader the conflicts each character harbors.

The conflict between the different races of humans (Psy, Changeling, and Human) has been slowly building in Singh’s series. Hostage to Pleasure makes a bolder statement on the conflict. For the first time, humans make themselves felt as well.

Ashaya is a mass of neuroses, but she has to be strong to hide her emotions, handle her strong scientific abilities, protect her son, and protect another hidden person. She’s a worthy match for Dorian. Dorian is a bit over the top in the male fantasy department. He’s the type women dream about – dangerous but loving and strong. Just make sure he’s on your side. And the two of them make Hostage to Pleasure a hot romance that’s a pleasure to read

Notice: Graphic violence, Explicit sexual content, Strong language

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