Hook, Line, and Sinister edited by T. Jefferson Parker


MysteryHook, Line, and Sinister edited by T. Jefferson Parker Passions can grab us and hold on. Fishing is one of those passions – I saw it in my father. It appears T. Jefferson Parker also has this passion. He and 15 other authors have contributed short murder and mystery stories that involve fishermen and their passions.

These are a fun group of stories. Some are about spouses, friends, or acquaintences. Some are about the catch of fish itself. And some take other twists. These short tales are from respected mystery writers often currently on the best sellers’ lists.

Dana Stabenow adds a story featuring her ongoing character Kate Shugak in Alaska in “Cherchez La Femme”. Michael Connelly brings in Harry Bosch and and Rachel Walling from their books into his “Blue on Black”. John Lescroart’s “Unsnaggable” is about a couple that is happy on the surface, but appearances can be deceiving. Not all stories are murder – Leon in “Granite Hat” by Brian M. Wiprud wants to commit suicide.Victoria Houston tells “Death by Honey Hole”, the story about Boyd Martell who has cheated on his wife for years. Julie finds the perfect way to get her revenge on him.

A three-strike loser is about to return to jail for the rest of his life. Don Winslow’s “Sandy Brook” gives him one last chance to fish before he is committed. There are also stories by Ridley Pearson, Mark T. Sullivan, Andrew Winer, Melodie Johnson Howe, James W. Hall, C.J. Box, Will Beall, Spring Warren, William G. Tapply, and ends with T. Jefferson Parker’s “Luck” Other stories include a man whoe learns about a sister he didn’t know he had. There’s the trophy wife whose husband has wife abuse down to a science. There is a cow who saves a person while fishing. And more.

Hook, Line, and Sinister is a good group of mystery stories. It’s a must for the fisherman in your life.

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