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MysteryHome Fires (Deborah Knott Mysteries) Home FiresMargaret Maron; Grand Central Publishing 2000WorldCatJudge Deborah Knott is building her own new home, currently presiding in her own county, and is trying to keep her nephew, A.K., from ruining his youth. He and two friends are arrested for vandalism in one of the local family graveyards. A few nights later one of the local black churches is the victim of arson. The MO is the same as the vandalism. Racism may be illegal in the sight of the law, but still occurs. Deborah hopes that A.K. is not part of the hate.

When two more fires are set within a few more days, Colleton County knows it has a problem. A man dies in one of those two. The local political black activist arrives to help show his support and garner more. Deborah finds herself involved with an old disappearance, new arsons, her family and nephew, a former school teacher, a new friend, and Political rallies for her re-election.

Maron’s Bootlegger’s Daughter and the Deborah Knott series pulls me into North Carolina as the book perceives and exists in the South. She brings the area into focus with interesting characters and sharp descriptions. The mystery is defined and clever. Maron gives us the clues, and I almost had them put together. I was too busy reading to stop and try to figure it out.

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