Highland Laddie Gone by Sharyn McCrumb


Cozy Mystery

Highland Laddie Gone Highland Laddie GoneSharyn McCrumb; Ballantine Books 1991WorldCatElizabeth MacPherson has agreed to attend the Scottish games in western Virginia and to be the Maid of the Cat for the MacPherson clan. In other words, she took care of the clan mascot for the weekend, a bobcat named Cluney. Elizabeth drags along her cousin Geoffrey to a weekend of celebrating all things Scottish.

American representatives from all the clans are at the annual games. There will be contests in Scottish dancing, bagpiping, shepherding by border collies, and different athletic events. There will be formal parades and kilts abounding. These clans date back to the wars with Bonnie Prince Charlie. Even the Campbell clan, who sided against the Prince and with the British are represented. So when Colin Campbell, the clan chieftain, is found murdered, no one is surprised.

Elizabeth decides to investigate the murder. She doesn’t believe that Walter Hutchinson killed Dr. Campbell. But she is having trouble concentrating on the murder. The most divine Scot is visiting and Elizabeth falls in love. How can she concentrate on murder when Cameron is around?

Sharyn McCrumb once again invades a closed world and makes us laugh at ourselves. I loved her Bimbos from the Death Sun as much because I laughed at myself and friends at science fiction convention. I imagine anyone who has been involved in the Scottish games weekends will get just as much enjoyment out of Highland Laddie Gone. The mystery was also good. It was easy enough to figure out who done it, though. This is a fun, light mystery.

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