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When Phoebe MacNamara was a child she was part of a hostage situation with her family. That led her into her life’s work. Now she is a situation negotiator for the Savannah police department. She lives in the old family home with her daughter, mother, and a close family friend.

Phoebe had to leave a St. Patrick’s Day party to talk a jumper out of committing suicide. She finds a scared man who doesn’t think he can turn his life around. She also finds Duncan Swift, a laid back Savannah entrepreneur. She talks the man off the ledge and captures Duncan’s interest.

She teaches negotiating skills at the police department. All officers need to have some basic skills, even the first responders. While Phoebe is a skilled officer and is liked by most of her co-workers, there are a few who don’t care for her or respect her. Someone attacks her in the stairwell, beating her up and humiliating her. Duncan cares for her shortly after the attack so she can calm down before going home and frightening her family.

After the arrest, she thinks it is done. She finds a dead rat in the back and blames it on cats. When she finds the dead snake across the front step, she wants to blame cats. Her brother points out that cats couldn’t have hit the snake across the head with a shovel. It seems someone is stalking Phoebe, threatening her. When the people close to her become targets it becomes more personal. What is going on? Who is the shadowy man in the blue baseball cap who whistles “High Noon”? What is his grudge?

Nora Roberts’ High Noon is OK – not one of her best but still readable and keeps the reader guessing. You gotta like Duncan – he came into his fortune the unexpected way – he hit the lottery for the millions jackpot. He then took some good counsel and starting investing wisely. He had a terrible family life growing up but found the right people at the right time to become a strong man rather than a criminal.

Phoebe’s personal story has its issues as well. Due to the hostage situation from Phoebe’s youth, her mother is agoraphobic and can’t leave the house or garden areas without having an anxiety attack that disables her. Although her first marriage was a mistake for the two adults, she has a wonderful daughter from it.

Roberts write novels about well rounded characters. Phoebe and Duncan aren’t surface characters but have some depth. High Noon will entertain.

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Strong sexual content

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