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Hell gate Hell GateLinda Fairstein; Dutton 2010WorldCatWhen a boat full of Ukraine illegal immigrants sinks off the coast of New York City, Alex Cooper is called in. Some of the immigrants are women that would probably have been sold into the slave trade. There is one dead woman who apparently died before the boat sank. While she is on the beach with the rescuers, her friend Detective Mercer Wyatt arrives late. He had been with the mayor after a local congressman is arrested for drunk driving after leaving his secret mistress and daughter and driving off the road.

Alex finds herself in a public relations nightmare. The slave boat is big news. She wants to get the women out safely from the life they were facing. The police are trying to identify the dead woman and her cause of death. The body has an identifying tattoo for a sex trade slave and they want to find the person responsible for bringing the illegals into the country. The congressman is a popular man with no scandal linked to him until now. Alex is concerned for his mistress and child while the police are trying to untangle the issue. When the woman and child disappear, she knows her fears may be confirmed.

Hell Gate is the latest (as of this review) of the Alex Cooper novels. It is a tangle of illegal immigration, slavery, prostitution, corruption, lies and secrets. Linda Fairstein has taken the two disparate story lines of the capsized boat and the drunk congressman and woven them together into a fascinating tale. She also brings a lot of New York City’s history into Hell Gate. This background makes Hell Gate more interesting as the reader is drawn along by the well plotted mystery.

Alex Cooper is the assistant district attorney charge of a special unit in New York City devoted to crimes against women. Linda Fairstein’s novels show the low side of life and the many ways women can be made into victims. One immigrant’s story of her life in the Ukraine is only a sample of the horrors that may await a girl without a solid family or base behind her.

There also is a hint of some personal issues in Hell Gate between some of the regular characters. Fairstein may let them drop away, or they could become some extra plot twists in future novels. Only more books in this series will tell.

Notice:  Non-graphic violence, Strong indecent language, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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