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Heart of Obsidian
Nalini Singh; Berkley Publishing Group 2013

If you haven’t read any of the earlier Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series, put Heart of Obsidian down before you start reading. Go back to the earlier ones first.

At the young age of 27, Kaleb Krychek became a member of the Psy Council. He is possibly the strongest Psy in the world, a powerful telekinetic and telepath. He also is so cold, so deep into Silence he may be a sociopath. He’s not. Instead Kaleb was was trained and raised by a sociopath and now something is broken in him. Even his Silence is fractured but he was so well trained he is able to keep everything hidden behind a solid, cold mask.

After seven years, Kaleb has finally found a woman who was kidnapped. Sahara could have been another powerful Psy with a power noone has seen before. When Kaleb rescues her, she has totally withdrawn into a labyrinth inside her head. All he can do is give her the space she needs. But he won’t let her go. Sahara is his.

The Pure Psy are increasing their attacks. Their aim is to cause chaos between the races, putting down the Humans and Changelings so that the Psy rule the world. In their view, the Psy are the strongest race. Pure Psy want to inject  a Silence so absolute that emotions and feelings would never have a chance of seeping in. In order to attain their goals, the Pure Psy start attacking groups of people, Psy, Changeling, or Human. The only Psy who have a chance of stopping are Kaleb or the Psy Arrow Squad.

Sahara is starting to heal. She can’t stay at the house where Kaleb took her, much as she likes it. She is able to reach out to others from her childhood and moves to a place she can have more freedom. She’s on the edge of Changeling country and the Dark River leopards can keep her safe. She doesn’t know if she’ll regain her powers or not. She’ll be happy if she is able to get past the trauma of the past seven years. She remembers meeting Kaleb when she was a child. But there are more memories that are still hidden. What will happen to the relationship she is slowly building with this cold man now once she remembers them?

It’s best to follow Singh’s Psy-Changeling series from the beginning, but the first four or five can be read out of order before the over arcing storyline gets serious.

Kaleb’s reputation is dark, cold, and menacing. When I first started reading Heart of Obsidian, I immediately contacted my daughter that recommended the series to me. “Kaleb Krychek is the romantic interest?” I had to ask. I couldn’t believe it. Through the past few books it has been stated over and over that his goal is to completely take over the Psy Net because it is broken. He is certain he is the only one who can reverse the damage. To have become a Psy Council member, he has to be ruthless. Psy don’t raise to that level without blood on their hands, literally as well as metaphorically.

Sahara can be the match for Kaleb – and perhaps his salvation. As children, she was the only one who saw past his cold shell. She knew something was wrong, but was too young to understand what his mentor was doing to him. By the time she learned, it was too late; she was kidnapped herself. Then followed seven years of torture for her kidnappers to make her use her unique skills for their benefit. It’s amazing that she isn’t as broken as he is.

Singh’s Psy-Changeling books are paranormal romantic suspenses. That means the couple will get together in the end – with many a sizzling love scene along the way. While I’m not going to say any more – there are too many twists and turns and plot points to give away, Sahara is Kaleb’s personal savior. He is as dark and scary as at the beginning of the book, but now his humanity, that Silence could never completely destroy, also comes through.

Anyone knowing Singh’s series could not have predicted this book. Kaleb has been the potential bogey man for quite a while now. Singh uses a deft touch and turns this dark menacing character into a believable, redeemed, dark, menacing character.

Heart of Obsidian is excellent. It could have been a finale for the series if Singh had wanted. We devoted readers are glad it isn’t. The Psy-Changeling world is fascinating. Don’t start with it, but if you like paranormal romance, don’t miss Heart of Obsidian.

Notice: Explicit sexual content, Graphic violence

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