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SuspenseHarmful Intent by Robin Cook

Harmful IntentRobin Cook; Berkley 1991WorldCat


This is another novel reminiscent of Robin Cook’s Coma where routine surgery (in this case anesthesia) becomes lethal. Harmful Intent sends chills down the spine numerous times.

Jeffrey Rhodes is an anesthesiologist whose patient, a woman in childbirth, dies from a reaction to the anesthesia. He is sued for malpractice and convicted of second degree murder. When Dr. Rhodes knows he cannot face a prison sentence for a crime he did not commit he knows he has to find out what really happened that fateful day in the operating room. His routine life has been turned topsy turvy and he does not believe he will ever get it back.

He is chased by a bounty hunter. He meets an old friend’s wife who helps him see the case in perspective. Her husband had died under similar circumstances as Jeffrey’s and she does not want to see that happen again. The doctor finds himself in the slum section of Boston, working in Housekeeping at a local hospital, and hanging around pathologist offices. As he digs further into the case he is convinced there was foul play rather than malpractice or a mistake in the anesthesia. Someone framed him for the woman’s death.

This thriller is a book that keeps the reader on the edge. Although we learn fairly early in the book who is causing the mysterious deaths, it is still difficult to see how Dr. Rhodes will discover the facts or be able to prove his innocence. There is also more to this case than meets the eye. We, the readers, only think we know what is going to happen. It is not easy to second guess this one. Have fun, be enthralled.

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