Grime and Punishment by Jill Churchill


Cozy Mystery

Grime and Punishment (Jane Jeffrey Mystery Series #1) Grime and PunishmentJill Churchill; Avon 1992WorldCat

The suburban neighborhood where Jane Jeffrey lives with her three children is never quiet. The women are busy keeping either jobs or families. The teens, like her oldest son Mike, are learning to drive and involved in high school activities. The young teens, like her daughter Katie, are busy with junior high/middle school activities. Even the younger children, like her son Todd, are running to little league games and school fairs. This week the neighborhood is even busier. When the weekly cleaning woman is cleaning Jane’s next door neighbor’s home, she is strangled with the vacuum cleaner cord.

Jane, a new widow, is still adjusting to being a single parent. Her mother-in-law is trying to move in and take over. Now she gets involved with solving the murder. The local police detective tells her and Shelly, her neighbor and best friend, to keep out of the way. They do not listen. They come up with clues that they are sure point out the murderer. Yet they have problems believing that one of the women in their neighborhood could be a murderer.

Grime and Punishment is a cozy, bit-of-fluff mystery. It’s cute; the mystery is well done. Grime and Punishmentis not great writing or great fiction, but Jill Churchill’s novel is a good diversion.

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