Great Cat Tales by Lesley O’Mara, ed.


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Great cat tales Great Cat Talesedited by Lesley O’Mara ; foreword by Beryl Reid ; illustrations by William Geldart.; Carroll & Graf 2000WorldCatThis is a collection of short stories about cats. It includes classic tales and more modern ones. “Saha” by Colette is a classic story of a wife who’s place in her husband’s affections appears to be usurped by the family feline. One of James Herriot’s short stories is included from his English farm country practice.

Emile Zola’s narrator tells a yarn of an escape from a comfortable home over the Paris rooftops. There are cats on ships, abandoned cats, pampered cats, and lucky cats. Other authors include Mark Twain, Patricia Highsmith, Damon Runyon, P.G. Wodehouse, and Rudyard Kipling. Since this is a book devoted to the furry animals, all the stories have a happy ending.

This is a book that is especially appreciated by cat lovers. There are some great authors included. It’s also a good book for short periods of time because this is a collection of small stories rather than one long novel. A tale can be read while waiting in the doctor’s office without leaving the reader hanging.

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