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Grave peril Grave PerilJim Butcher; ROC 2001WorldCatWhy do potential customers insist that they are special and MUST have a love potion? He specifically states “No love potions” when offering his services as a wizard. That is beside the point at the moment. Harry Dresden and his friend Michael are busy fighting the ghosts that are overtaking Chicago.

Michael wields a sword for God as he stands at Harry’s side as they deal with a ghost who is ready to kill the newborns in the hospital. Harry and Michael soon realize the ghosts are targeting them specifically. Someone or something is using the ghosts to target them. They have to find what in their past is coming back to haunt them – literally.

Also, the Chicago vampires are gaining strength. Bianca, their leader, has brought them together into a new clan. Bianca has been trying to get Harry to work for her. He keeps refusing. Her assistants start attacking him. Between himself and Michael, he is able to thwart them. But he agrees to attend when she throws a special party to celebrate her ascendency to the head of the Red Vampires.

Fortunately, Harry has Susan in his life. He hasn’t been able to admit it to her, but Harry knows he is in love with her. She is a reporter for the local tabloid that reports the supernatural and magical happenings. She is always wanting to tag along with Harry. He always wants to leave her behind to keep her safe.

By the time Bianca holds the Vampire Court at the end of her party Harry has been drained mentally, physically, and magically. But he isn’t done. There is yet more battles to fight. He’s really tied of it, but has to continue.

Butcher continues the series starring his tongue-in-cheek wizard, Harry Dresden. This one is darker than the first two and harder to read. I was satisfied by the end, but wasn’t sucked in like I had been earlier. This novel should not be read without reading the second one because much of the story is dependent on happenings from the prior book in the series. Don’t start reading the series with this one, but enjoy it as part of the series.

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Strong indecent language, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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