Golden Son by Pierce Brown


Science FictionGolden Son by Pierce BrownBrutal. Compelling. Violent. Intriguing. Golden Son shakes up beliefs and emotions.

Born a Red, Darrow had worked in the mines of Mars. The human classes were distinct and divided by color. When his wife was arrested and hung by the order of the Golds, he almost gave up. Then he was able to join a revolution to help bring down the caste system. He went through painful surgery and training and has become a Gold himself. In Red Rising he proved himself as a strong, fierce Gold.

Three years later, Darrow is a disgraced lancer for the House Augustus, ruled by the man who ordered his wife’s death, Nero au Augustus. He is still strong and crafty but is considered a nonentity in the House and the object of a blood vengeance oath by the House Bellona. He has to restore his honor and place in House Augustus in order to carry out his true mission for the Sons of Ares.

Pierce Brown explores war and revenge in Golden Son.  Since it’s told in first person by Darrow, the reader knows he escapes the most hopeless seeming situations. It is also told in present tense so there is no foreshadowing of what could happen.

Space war. Invasion. Blood. Pain. Spies. Conspiracies. Revenge. Beheadings. Hostages. Civil war. Technological toys. Brown includes them all in Golden Son. In between the gore and fights, Brown delivers a fascinating story. Darrow is trying to bring down a society. He can’t do it alone, but doesn’t know who he can trust. Brown is able to convey the intellectual and emotional feelings Darrow goes through in his journey.

Definitely not a book for everyone – I don’t like the violence. But if you can stomach or ignore the brutality, the underlying story is a winner.

Notice: Graphic violence, Strong language, Suggestive dialogue or situationz

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