Going Cowboy Crazy by Katie Lane


RomanceGoing Cowboy Crazy by Katie Lane

Going Cowboy CrazyKatie Lane; Forever 2011WorldCatFaith Aldridge goes looking for the twin sister she discovered she has when she was 30. What she finds is a crazy small town in West Texas and a hot cowboy.

Faith’s mother died a few months earlier. That’s when she admitted to Faith that Faith has a twin sister living in Ramble, Texas. Now conservative Faith travels from Chicago to Bramble. She walks into a bar in Bramble to see who can lead her to her sister. But instead the residents look at her and mistake her for her sassy sister, Hope. Faith decides to follow through with the pretense. She pretends she has laryngitis to cover her accent. Everyone thinks she is Hope returned for a visit from Hollywood.

Slate Calhoun isn’t fooled, though. Everyone in Bramble thinks he is waiting for Hope to return. He and Hope have been friends since Slate moved to Bramble as a young teen. Despite dating off and on, they were never more than that. But this woman who looks similar to Hope definitely is NOT the girl he knew in high school. He’s immediately attracted to her. Everyone else says she is, though, so when they are pushed together, he takes the chance to kiss this beautiful woman.

They leave the bar together. Slate takes Faith up to the local make-out spot to accuse her of impersonation. When she explains her story, he believes her. They return to the bar. Faith’s car is gone. So are all the people who had been there an hour earlier. The citizens of Bramble think it’s time for Slate and “Hope” to get married. The sheriff impounds and hides her car until she decides to stay in the town and not return to Hollywood. There’s no hotel for at least 50 miles, so Faith spends the night at Slate’s small trailer home. He took the sofa.

That’s the beginning of Faith’s visit to find the sister she never knew. Bramble is hiding other secrets as well. Can she learn them and keep Slate at arm’s length? It’s hard to resist him, but she now intends to drive to Hollywood to find Hope. Faith doesn’t know what lengths the people of Bramble will use to keep her there.

Katie Lane’s Going Cowboy Crazy personifies the image of a western Texas small town with rednecks, football, drinking, and fun. It’s cocky and quirky, leaving the reader smiling or chuckling with it’s attitude. Many of the townspeople are stereotypical. The main characters, though, are magnetic and easy to imagine even if hard to believe. Hope’s parents come through especially well they confront and come to terms with Faith.

Ready for a rousing, sexy time? Kick back, slip off your boots, and enjoy Going Cowboy Crazy. (Whoever chose the hokey title should have tried again, IMO.)

Notice:  Explicit sexual content

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