God Save the Child by Robert B. Parker


God save the child God Save thMysterye ChildRobert B. Parker; Dell 1987WorldCatThis is the second Spenser novel written by Parker. Spenser is still getting his identity molded. Already his wise cracking is apparent.

Spenser is hired by the Bartletts to find their missing, runaway 15 year old son. Spenser quickly determines that the boy has not left the well to do suburban area where he lived with his parents, Smithville. Spenser also witnesses the type of parents the Bartletts are: selfish, negligent to their children, and seemingly uncaring of what their children were doing.

Within a few days the Bartletts receive a ransom note. Instead of running away, Kevin apparently was kidnapped. Spenser meets many of the town’s citizens while investigating Kevin’s whereabouts. He has to find who kidnapped Kevin, later killed one of the Bartletts’ friends, and what is the true story.

There is one Smithville citizen we meet that becomes important in Spenser’s life. Susan Silverman is Kevin’s guidance counselor in high school. Spenser interrogates her about Kevin’s habits. He is also immediately attracted to Susan. Reading later Spenser novels proves this relationship to be a life long one.

God Save the Child is an enjoyable book. I was able to quickly determine what had happened to Kevin. But I didn’t put all the other pieces together until Spenser showed me what happened.

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