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Glory in Death (In Death, Book 2) Glory in DeathJ. D. Robb; Berkley 2004WorldCatEve Dallas returns in the second book of this series. We met her in Naked in Death. Eve is a hard boiled New York City detective in 2058. Under her rough demeanor is the compassion that can’t be hidden. The compassion is for the victim, not the perpetrator.

Prominent city prosecuting attorney Cicely Towers has been found in a bad section of town with her throat cut. She was dressed for a business meeting and there is no signs of a struggle. She probably knew her assailant. Eve is designated primary detective of the case. She starts digging into the family and friends of the powerful woman.

Meanwhile Eve’s relationship with Roarke is tumultuous. Because of her past she finds it difficult to trust him. She does not feel she can reciprocate his love. Yet she knows her feelings for him are more powerful than any she’s had in the past. Roarke gives her an ultimatum – if she cannot commit to him, they need to break up.

This is an excellent story. Two bodies later, Eve is still trying to find the connection. She is upset because she tried to set herself up as bait, yet someone else was attacked and killed. As we follow the steps the reader gets more and more involved. Roarke is out there waiting for her, devastating and aloof. Eve has to find some solutions quickly.

Notice: Graphic violence, Strong indecent language, Strong sexual content

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