Gideon’s Sword by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child



Gideon's sword Gideon’s SwordDouglas J. Preston; Lincoln Child; Grand Central Pub. 2011WorldCatWhen he was a boy, Gideon Crew watched as his father was killed after being accused of treason. Gideon and his mother are certain he was framed. As he grows up, Gideon’s life is devoted to proving his father’s innocence.

After everything is resolved, he plans to get back to a normal life. First he goes fishing. A stranger finds him at his hidden favorite fishing hole. Before he can start his “normal” life, he’s recruited to take on a special undercover assignment for an agency working for the government. He is supposed to meet a Chinese scientist who is arriving in New York City hiding a very special new piece of technology. No one knows what it is, what form it takes, or where he has hidden it.

Gideon tries to meet the scientist at the airport. The man gets away into a cab. Gideon chases him – and so does another car. The third car smashes the cab and the scientist dies. Now he has to act fast. Gideon has to use all his special skills and keep dancing fast. He has to stay ahead of the world class assassin who killed the scientist and also is trying to find the technology.

This is a new series by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Gideon’s Sword is an excellent introduction to Gideon Crew. Preston and Child have brought back a character who appears occasionally in their earlier books, Eli Glinn. Glinn is the person who recruits Gideon.

Gideon’s Sword is fast and crazy. The writing is crisp and the scenes are tense. There are a few too many edge of the seat, “how can he get out of that?” scenes, which takes away from the reader’s appreciation of the overall story. I like Gideon’s character. He’s also left with an insurmountable problem at the end of the book that will build in future novels.

I recommend Gideon’s Sword. It’s a well paced thriller although it gets a bit too fantastic at times.

Notice:  Graphic violence

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