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Review by Molly

Mama tells her daughter to Giddy Up. With so much to do it is going to be a busy day. Mama’s little gap toothed Cowgirl is single-minded in her efforts to be helpful. A high-spirited little girl who makes up with a super big imagination what she lacks in prowess; Cowgirl tends to have problems now and then. With her 10-pint hat set firmly in place, and filled with enthusiasm she and her plush armadillo are always ready to help.

So, she sings to make up for the broken car radio, locates Mama’s missing wallet, she is entrusted with the grocery list at the store, and wants to help by mailing mom’s letters. When she needs help she asks a biker dude for aid, she joins in filling the shopping basket and offers to help carry the bags of groceries, she helps take dirty clothes into the cleaner’s for Mama and she hurries to open the car door for Mama.

A down cast little Cowgirl is deflated when she drops the clothes needing cleaning, realizes she forgot she must never speak to strangers, loses the list to a gust of wind and then puts all the wrong stuff in the basket, and drops the envelopes all over the sidewalk. Mama restores confidence in her dejected assistant: Your momma loves you because you always try

Cowgirl talks the talk with lots of lingo such as Saddle up, Ol’ Jim and Yippeee Yi Yeeee. Yippee Yi Yo She is truly a cowgirl.

My resident critics settled in for reading on the rug with expectant expressions brightening their faces. The cover of Giddy Up Cowgirl caught the attention of fourteen little people immediately. Declarations of Yee Haw and Tarnation soon had the kids giggling with delight as I read.

Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter and his exuberant trying to help Mama came to mind immediately while reading Giddy Up Cowgirl. The kids agree both Little Critter and Cowgirl are “a whole lot like me, sometimes I drop things too“.

I liked the opportunity for discussion offered as I closed the book at the end of the reading; the kids talked about some of their own mishaps, and we talked about why little people might have problems now and then and that Mamas do continue to love them in spite of it all.

The kids agree; it is good to keep trying and not give up. “Because we get better at doing stuff, if we keep trying.”

Giddy Up Cowgirl is quickly becoming a class favorite in Mrs. M’s room, Osage County, Oklahoma. The book is chosen for free time reading and for taking to read during DEAR time as we Drop Everything And Read.

Author/Illustrator Krosoczka’s images used to exemplify what was taking place in the narrative receive twenty eight thumbs up. The kids expressed interest in how he had created his illustrations. They like the textured appearance using dark and light colors.

I do tend to like more low key illustrations, however I too like the images used by Author/Illustrator Krosoczk; while they are full of color and activity and fun, they do not overwhelm the narrative or the children as they follow the tale being read.

Writer Krosoczka has done a first-rate job in portraying situations that both children and adults will understand, relate to and find amusing. The bubbly heroine with her colorful lingo, enthusiasm and predictable childhood upsets is a treat.

Child pleasing vocabulary, a narrative peppered with cowgirl drawl and illustrations that add humor and tenderness to the tale have been used to create a nice addition to the classroom library. Giddy Up Cowgirl is a good choice for the personal reading shelf of little people, as well as the classroom, school and public library catalog. Happy to recommend. Reading level ages 4 – 8.

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