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Ghost Knight by Cornelia FunkeGhost KnightCornelia Funke; Little, Brown and Company 2012WorldCatIt’s really bad when you get sent to boarding school because you can’t accept the new man in your mother’s life. Jon Whitcroft tried everything to get rid of the Beard. Now he has been sent to Salisbury Cathedral’s boarding school. That’s upsetting. Jon mopes and whines throughout his day. Then he discovers he has a worse problem. There is a ghost Lord and his servants who want to kill Jon because he is his mother’s son. This ghost was hanged when he murdered Jon ancestors hundreds of years earlier. The ghost vowed to kill all of the men in his family until they are wiped out. How do you fight a ghost?

He meets Ella in school. She’s an unusual girl that becomes the best thing to happen to Jon. She tells Jon another ghost story. Sir William Longspee was one of Richard the Lionheart’s half brothers. His tomb is in the Salisbury Cathedral. If someone in dire need asks him for a boon, he will come to that person’s aid. Jon and Ella are able to bring Longspee back as a ghost. He will protect Jon from the ghost who has threatens him. If only it were that easy.

Cornelia Funke has a deft touch for children’s paranormal stories. Ghost Knight is a fun story that will appeal to kids. Jon tells the story first person, so the reader gets to hear all his objections to The Beard. Then there is his 11-year-old boy reaction to a pretty, opinionated girl. Ella is special and has connections that tie back to Jon. Her grandmother is a ghost tour operator. Plus Zelda, the grandmother, has toads all over her garden and house. Funke’s writing will have any child giggle when she describes the toads and Zelda.

Ghost Knight is inspiring for any kid looking for adventure. Boys love creepy things, ghosts and knights. Girls enjoy adventures and honorable knights. It’s entertaining and playful. Yes, the mean ghost and his servants are ghoulish. Even so, this book will bring smiles and delights.

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