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Ghost Hunter (Ghost Hunters, Book 3) Ghost HunterJayne Castle; Jove 2006WorldCatWhen she realizes that Cooper Boone, head of the local Guild and powerful ghost hunter, wants to marry her for her Guild connections, Elly St. Clair breaks their engagement and moves to the city. In Cadence she sets up a new life in her own herb shop, using her special skills with plants and herbs to satisfy her customers. Six months after the break up, the handsome man comes to Cadence on some personal business. A friend is in trouble so when Cooper arrives Elly immediately contacts him for help. He may have come on personal business, but he immediately falls into ghost hunting and Guild business.

Elly quickly learns how strong of a ghost hunter Cooper really is. It seems that some legends are actually well buried Guild secrets. Once he connects with her, Cooper refuses to leave Elly alone. What neither of them realize is the threat that followed her to Cadence wants both of them.

Ghost Hunter is a fun paranormal romance set on another world with humans who had originally come from Earth. Jayne Castle is the pseudonym that Jayne Ann Krentz uses when writing her futuristic, science fiction romances. There is an interesting mystery to keep the book going, but the novel is really about the romance. I didn’t try to solve the mystery. I just kept with the fun and romance of the story.

Ghost Hunter is a fun book that’s great for an afternoon on the beach or other escape. Elly is a modern day woman who is fairly self confident in herself and very confident in her abilities. Cooper is the librarian ghost hunter who is tall, dark, handsome, and more than he seems.

This book also includes a wonderful quote from Cooper Boone, dreamy librarian turned Guild Boss. “It never ceases to amaze me how people are inclined to underestimate folks who work with books and manuscripts.” Amen!

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Strong sexual content

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