Futureland by Walter Mosley


Futureland by Walter MosleyScience Fiction Futureland
Walter Mosley; Warner Books 2001

Walter Mosley is probably most famous for his mystery series, including Easy Rawlins and Leonard McGill. Mosley does so much more, including the occasional science fiction. Futureland is a possible glimpse of the near future as the United States (and the rest of the world) crumbles under its politics, culture clashes, economics, and social issues. Racial controversy shows up throughout the book – which is usually true in Mosley’s work. That gives these short stories more dimensions.

The first story is about a 4-year-old southern Black genius whose father sacrifices much to raise him and keep him out of the white school system, especially the “gifted” schools. Then we meet God, a man who owns his own wealthy island country and empire. The stories continue, often with earlier characters making appearances here and there.

Justice fails. Money reigns. Racial division remains a problem. Poor people get poorer – and may live marginalized lives. Crooks are still crooks. Corporations squeeze employees with more job demand and less job supply. Martyrs still make sacrifices. Diseases still plague (pun intended) the world.

Futureland is a dark, sometimes bleak, look at an all-too-possible future. Mosley keeps the reader drawn in. The book gets put down, but not for long as his world and ideas twine themselves into the reader’s brain.

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Strong language

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