Funeral in Blue by Anne Perry


Historical MysteryFuneral in Blue by Anne Perry

Funeral In BlueAnne Perry; Ballantine Books 2001WorldCatCallandra Daviot has mixed emotions. She has been in love with Dr. Kristan Beck for quite a while. But he is married. She has not said anything to him although she knows he is in a bad marriage. She has turned down another proposal from a different man. But now his wife is dead. Mrs. Beck has been found murdered, along with another woman.

Callandra gets Monk involved. He goes to his old police adversary, Runcorn. The two start working together to see if they can find the murderer. Unfortunately, all the clues seem to point to Beck. Monk’s wife, Hester, works with Beck. Through her, he knows of the doctor and his works. Monk doesn’t believe Beck could have killed the second woman, although he might have killed his wife in a moment of passion. When Beck is arrested, Hester and Monk approach Beck’s father-in-law. The man agrees that Beck would not have killed his daughter and takes the case.

Meanwhile Monk and Runcorn keep investigating. Despite their enmity of each other, they find themselves drawn together in this case. Monk recognizes there are more depths to Runcorn. Daviot is so tied up in Beck’s case that all she can do is defend him and help finance Monk. Hester, though, is able to follow up other clues as well.

This is a welcome addition to Perry’s William and Hester Monk series. Having read these long enough I know her basic formula, I was able to narrow down suspects quickly. But she throws curves. We are given red herrings throughout the book that do what they are intended to do – divert the reader. Along the way I learned more European history, specifically the Austrian revolution in the late 1840’s. I have enjoyed other books in this series more but this one upholds the legacy.

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