Full Cleveland by Les Roberts



Full ClevelandLes Roberts; St Martins Mass Market Paper 1990WorldCatMilan Jacovich has been hired to find a scam artist. Greg Shane and his wife, Nettie, came to Cleveland and started a magazine. They sold advertising space, getting cash up front. Then they disappeared. So did the cash. But the magazine never appeared.

The manager at the new exclusive hotel on the lakefront was one of the victims. He hires Jacovich to find Shane and retrieve the $40,000 plus that had been taken. Jacovich starts talking with the different people who had been involved with the supposed magazine, both employees who were left penniless and businesses who had been scammed. He finds there are some discrepancies in the different stories.

Then Jacovich talks with the local mob connections in Cleveland. They also have an interest in the missing money. When Jacovich starts finding dead people he knows there is more to this scam. When he becomes a target he knows he needs to start working quickly before the murderer’s aim improves.

I enjoy Les Roberts’ novels featuring Milan Jacovich. Milan (my – lan, not me – lahn) could be considered a hard detective, yet he is a rounded person. His personal life is as much a part of this novel as is the excellent mystery. The two are intertwined, making it realistic. This novel is enjoyable reading that keeps the reader hooked all the way.

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