Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs


Paranormal RomanceRomantic SuspenseParanormal RomanceFrost Burned by Patricia BriggsAfter being dragged out on Thanksgiving night for Black Friday shopping by her step-daughter, Mercy Thompson has a panic attack and crashes the car into another. By the time they get the report made, she and Jesse were delayed home. The panic attack came through her bond with Adam. There werewolf pack has been subdued and kidnapped. If she and Jesse hadn’t crashed they would have been taken too.

It takes a lot for a human to overpower one werewolf, let alone an alpha like Adam, let alone a full pack. But someone has learned the secret. One werewolf escaped capture and has found Mercy. They takes Jesse to a (hopefully) safe house. Just in case, Mercy asks a half fae friend, Tad, to watch over home of the single mother and her children. Then Mercy and Ben head over to another home where they find Kyle, the partner of another werewolf, tied to a chair with two men beating him up. The men are trying to find out where Mercy and Jesse are.

What Mercy learns is worse. Some government renegades are behind the attack. They want Adam to kill an anti-werewolf senator. Mercy is supposed to be their leverage. They’re able to free Kyle. Mercy knows Adam is still alive through their mental bond. He is seriously hurt. But Mercy is a descendant of Coyote. She may be a shapeshifter; she also has access to unusual magic. She doesn’t always know what she can do until she tries.

Now Mercy, Ben, Kyle, and Tad have to prevent a war that would leave the human vulnerable to the magical creatures – the vampires, the fae, the witches, the werewolves, and more that hide in plain sight.

I’m really not sure how Patricia Briggs does it. Each Mercy Thompson novel is as powerful as the previous, if not more so. Frost Burned starts on a humorous note of dreaded Black Friday shopping. Within minutes, the action starts and the reader gets sucked into Mercy’s world again. Mercy’s dry humor prevents Frost Burned from turning too dark to read. Instead, each new obstacle takes the reader in deeper.

When Mercy first realizes she and Jesse have to dump all tracking devices and phones, she borrows the local vampire queen’s precious Mercedes. There is no GPS or any other sort of tracker on the car, plus it has bulletproof glass and tinted windows. It’s a beautiful. By the time she can return it to Marsilia, a werewolf has bled all over inside it, Mercy has been thrown against it, it gets crashed, carries a dead body in the trunk, and has a zombie fae smash out of it. The car return won’t be a pretty scene, and Mercy’s dread of that is one of the weaving threads that holds the lightness throughout Frost Burned despite the fantasy violence.

Briggs plots a mystery that changes every time Mercy learns a bit more. I was fairly sure I knew where the story was going. Ha!

Frost Burned has enough back story in it that it could be read alone. But I recommend going back to Moon Called and reading these all. You’ll like Brigg’s Frost Burned even more.

Notice: Graphic fantasy violence

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