Four to Score by Janet Evanovich


Cozy MysteryFour to Score by Janet Evanovich

Four to ScoreJanet Evanovich; St. Martin’s Paperbacks 1999WorldCatStephanie Plum has taken another job for her uncle Vincent Plum. She is supposed to pick up Maxine Nowicki. Maxine skipped on her bail after stealing her boyfriend’s car. It should have been a simple job. Instead something strange is going on.

Maxine’s best friend claims to have not seen her. Yet this friend is missing a finger “by accident.” Maxine’s mother also has not seen her, yet she is scalped. Maxine’s boyfriend has not seen her. He offers Stephanie extra money if she finds Maxine and lets him see her before she takes Maxine to the police. Then Maxine starts leaving coded messages for the boyfriend to decipher.

Before Stephanie is done she has brought in a drag queen to help her, has problems with her apartment, loses another vehicle, fights off another bounty hunter, and has everyone in the Burg convinced she is pregnant and marrying Joe Morelli. Can her life get any stranger? Hey, this is Stephanie. Of course it can!

These books not only have a good mystery, but are written to make the reader laugh. I like to listen to them on tape, but the language is so foul that I need to be alone while “reading” them. That is the major drawback with these books. I like the Stephanie Plum mysteries. I just wish I could recommend them to my teenager. My daughter would love the humor.

7/03 Both my daughters have found these, and re-read them. The language and content don’t bother them at all. So much for a “protective” mother.

Notice: Strong indecent language, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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