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Fool moon Fool MoonJim Butcher; New American Library 2001WorldCatMagic is returning into our world of science. Most people don’t believe that, or won’t admit it, but a few understand. Harry Dresden is the only publicly proclaimed wizard in the United States. Usually he is described as a charlatan or a fake. He isn’t. Lt. Karrin Murphy from the Chicago police department realizes this and calls on him for professional assistance when a case appears to have supernatural elements.

Six months ago, Harry helped eliminate a dark wizard who was flooding the black market with a dangerous new drug (Storm Front). Since then, Lt. Murphy hasn’t called him much. The consulting jobs were his only steady income, so right now he is barely able to make his rent and bills. Even wizards have to support themselves.

But here is Lt Murphy at his restaurant table on a night just before the full moon. There has been a murder she would like Harry to see. She takes him to a grizzly sight. The victim had been mauled and eviscerated by an animal – a wolf? – a werewolf? Is there a werewolf in Chicago? When Harry’s investigation turns up a pack of werewolves, he knows there is a problem in the city.

Fool Moon is the second book of the Dresden Files. These books are first person narrated by Harry so you know that he is going to get out of the most dangerous situation that Jim Butcher puts him in. Few guarantees are made about anyone around him. This book did not captivate me like the first one. I enjoyed it well enough, but felt my sense of suspended belief was pushed a bit too far. Despite Harry’s wry sense of humor throughout the book, scenes like a werewolf loose in the police department’s holding cell detracted from the book.

Notice: Non-graphic fantasy violence, Strong language

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