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Fire and Ice Fire and IceJulie Garwood; Ballantine Books 2009WorldCatAs the daughter of a notorious probable criminal, Sophie Rose has had her life under constant scrutiny. Bobby Rose has never had anything solid connected to him, but often has been a “person of interest”. Bobby Rose is loved and hated in turns by the people of the city – often seen as a modern Robin Hood.

Sophie uses her maiden name, Summerfield, and works for a small weekly newspaper in Chicago. She usually does human interest stories and does them well. She is sent to interview a boring man who can only talk about his 5K running wins. She meets him before the race, then watches for him to cross the finish line first. But he never finishes at all. In fact, when she checks into it, he never checked in and ran the race. She tries to reach him only to learn he is taking an extended trip to Europe.

A local family owned business is failing and Bobby Rose is being blamed. Sophie starts receiving threatening phone calls again – this usually happens when Bobby is in the negative spotlight. But when someone shoots through her apartment window and almost kills her, she begins to take the thread seriously. Because one of her best friend’s husband is an agent, the FBI gets pulled into the dilemma. Alec Buchanan brings along his partner Jack MacAlister to protect Sophie. She isn’t safe in Chicago.

Then the runner she interviewed disturbs her life again. His foot and her business card are found in the middle of nowhere near the Arctic Ocean in Alaska. Sophie knows there’s something wrong Her editor agrees she should go to Alaska and follow up a couple different stories for the paper. Jack MacAlister, much to Sophie’s discomfort, forces his way in and accompanies her to the cold, wintry north.

Sophie knows she can trust her life to Jack. But she knows that her attraction to the sexy agent is wrong for both of them. Because of her father she can’t trust anyone in law enforcement. Yet Jack MacAlister keeps intruding on her life and her thoughts. It’s good he’s around, though, because her killer appears to have followed her to Alaska…

Fire and Ice is another book in the loosely connected Buchanan family contemporary romantic suspense series. There is still another story to tell in Chicago with another one of Regan Buchanan’s (married to Alec Buchanan – see Murder List) friends with a story to tell. Plus there are still a couple Buchanan brothers available, plus some sisters from another family bride and who knows how many others. Julie Garwood can have this series go on a long time. The men have all been in law enforcement so far – usually FBI but not necessarily.

I enjoyed Fire and Ice. It’s not the best in the series, but is enjoyable and has an interesting, unexpected mystery. You also have to love the charismatic Bobby Rose. The romance is what is expected from this type of novel. Again, there is the twist of the criminal father (or is he?) and the law enforcement lover. That’s a problem Sophie will have to reconcile. As anticipated, the romance works out in the end with just enough open ended questions to keep the series going. This is a romantic beach book with just enough shivers for the suspense reader as well.

Notice:  Non-graphic violence; Strong sexual content

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