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FantasyFinn Mac Cool by Morgan Llywelyn

Finn Mac CoolMorgan Llywelyn; Mandarin 1995WorldCat

Finn Mac Cool. Fionn Mac Cumhaill. Find Mac Ctjmaill. Hero of old Ireland legends – the greatest fighter of his time – a man who pulled the warriors of Celtic Ireland together as the leader of the army – a man who told tall tales and made those around him believe them – a man who took his luck and improved on it – a man who could see a beautiful spring day and create a poem.

Finn Mac Cool is a ancient hero or legend in Ireland as King Arthur is in England. Finn was not king, but became the leader of the warriors. He was able to turn a group of low cast, quarreling, mean men and turn them into honorable, chivalrous, mighty fighters. King Cormac was able to unite much of Celtic Ireland with the aid of Finn’s army, the Fianna.

Finn was very young when he had command of his first fénnidi, or group of nine warriors. One of the warriors was an older man, Goll Mac Morna. Goll was one of the men who was responsible for Finn’s father’s death. What was the king thinking when he put Goll under Finn? Goll was experienced and older. He should have had his own group of fénnidi. Is he a test for Finn? Is he supposed to kill Finn like he killed Finn’s father? Is Finn supposed to kill him?

This novel is the saga of Finn Mac Cool’s life. Morgan Llywelyn has taken the legends and stories and created a tale of a hero who lives on in Irish memory. He is supposed to have lived around 300 BC. The legends include his youth, his love lives, his middle age, and his exploits. Llywelyn takes some of the stories and turns them into a believable tale that keeps the reader pulled in and wanting to know what happens to him. Llywelyn has written a fascinating book about a great character.

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