Finding Perfect by Susan Mallery

RomanceFinding Perfect by Susan Mallery Finding Perfect
Susan Mallery; HQN 2010

Pia O’Brien knew she would inherit something from her best friend Crystal when she died of cancer. Pia expected it would be Crystal’s cat Jake. Instead, Crystal left the three embryos she and her husband had frozen before he died overseas. Pia is shocked to discover Crystal thought she could be a mother.

Pia has just learned the news when she takes a business meeting with retired football star Raoul Moreno. Raoul bought a camp outside of town. He has run summer camps for city children and would like to expand to year round. She wants him to be a sponsor for some of the festivals the city of Fool’s Gold has every month or so. They are supposed to discuss how they can work together.

The meeting doesn’t go well. Pia is still too freaked out from the news she just learned. Instead they reschedule. When Raoul learns what Pia is facing, he offers his help. After the elementary school burns down, he offers the camp facilities to Fool’s Gold until the city can rebuild the school. Now Pia and Raoul are working together for the city and for her decision of what to do with Crystal’s embryos.

Ever since she was a teen, people have walked away from Pia. Her father committed suicide rather than face criminal indictment. Her mother moved to the other side of the country, telling Pia to stay in Fool’s Gold. All the men she has been serious about have broken it off and left her. She knows she can’t count on anyone else if she decides to have Crystal’s babies. If she does, she swears she would stand by them no matter what.

Raoul stands back from people. He was an orphan who was eventually taken in by his coach and wife. He was lucky and kept his respect for the coach, striving to make the man proud. His ex-wife had betrayed him. Between his childhood and his wife, he now wants to help from a distance. He is glad to own and sponsor a non-profit camp, but doesn’t work with the kids one-on-one. He refuses to get too close to anyone again.

Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold is a town where the women outnumber the men. An anthropologist’s study is part of the background of Finding Perfect, adding Mallery’s sense of humor and play to the story. Pia has her hands full with the town’s public relations and hastily arranged events. Mallery shows Pia as a woman who has most of her life together despite Pia’s own vision of herself.

Pia and Raoul are the archetypal couple of modern romance – the type that romantics weave their fantasies around. They’re entertaining, witty, gorgeous, hot, and will live happily ever after.  Finding Perfect is a light romance. It’s sexy, fun, fluff. Escape to Fool’s Gold for a few hours in Finding Perfect.

Notice: Explicit sexual content

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