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Fever Dream Fever DreamDouglas J. Preston; Lincoln Child; Grand Central Publishing 2010WorldCatWhen his wife died twelve years earlier, FBI Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast thought it was a tragic accident while on safari. Now, though, he discovers she was murdered. He is determined to discover who killed his wife and bring justice for her against everyone involved. He contacts his friend, Lt. Vinnie D’Agosta from the New York City PD, to help him track down her murderers. Pendergast vows he will kill the person responsible for his wife’s death.

Although it means taking an indeterminate length of time for a leave of absence and leaving Capt. Laura Hayward, the important person in his life, D’Agosta immediately agrees to help Pendergast. They return to the scene of the murder in Africa. The threads lead them back to Pendergast’s home in Louisiana. What happened twelve years earlier? Helen Pendergast had been working on a secret project. What was it and who killed her because of it?

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s Fever Dream is a chilling, suspenseful novel that pulls the reader right in. The trail they lay for their characters appears convoluted. Yet each step leads properly into the next, raising more questions while only answering a couple. This well done suspense has a timely topic that is great for the cloud of secrets surrounding it.

Child and Preston take the reader into the African plains and deep into the Louisiana bayous, with a side stop in places like the New York City Public Library research area. The atmosphere of suspense hangs murkily over Fever Dream, trying to cling to its secrets.

The reader who has already met Pendergast will see more of the man he usually contains within himself. The reader who hasn’t met the special agent yet will be intrigued by the character. D’Agosta is a good foil for Pendergast, trying to keep the man in check.

Fever Dream is chilling and triumphant. Questions are answered. Others remain. When finished, the reader will want more.

Notice:  Graphic violence, Strong language

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