Fatally Flaky by Diane Mott Davidson


Cozy MysteryFatally Flaky by Diane Mott Davidson

Fatally FlakyDiane Mott Davidson; William Morrow 2009WorldCatAbout six months earlier Goldy Schultz’s godfather moved from New Jersey to the house across the street from her. She loves him dearly and is glad he’s here in Aspen Meadows even if his son Lucas is resentful. Jack Carmichael is a retired lawyer looking forward to kicking back. He quickly made friends with Doc Finn. Now the two go fishing and drinking, not necessarily in that order.

Goldy is in the midst of wedding season. Many of the weddings are going fine. Then there is Bridezilla, Billie Attenborough. Billie changes her mind and plans almost every other day. Even when Goldy is catering the O’Neil wedding two days before Billie’s, Billie shows up to tell Goldie of more changes. It’s a good thing the wedding is in two days. Otherwise Goldy isn’t sure if she could be held responsible for what could happen to Billie.

The O’Neil wedding has been marred by the absence of Doc Finn. The police come up while the ceremony is being performed. Doc Finn was killed in a car accident. He was murdered. Jack is hit hard by his good friend’s death. He wants to investigate it. He thinks it has something to do with Gold Gulch Spa. Billie’s wedding is going to be there, so he tags along with Goldy as she sets everything up the next day.

Goldy also is upset. She liked Doc Finn and she hurts for Jack. She keeps going over everything, trying to help her husband Tom as he works on the case. He’s the detective in charge of Doc’s homicide. Between Doc Finn’s murder and Billie Attenborough’s wedding, Goldy has a rough weekend ahead of her. If she’s not careful, it could be fatal for her.

Fatally Flaky is the 15th in Diane Mott Davidson’s Goldy Bear cozy mystery series. The bond between Goldy and her godfather is touching. Bridezilla is amazingly awful and unfortunately, there are people that rude and obnoxious. The mystery is fairly obvious by two thirds of the way through. Even so the relationship between the characters carries the novel for the reader. If you haven’t read any of the series, the mystery won’t impress you. But enjoy the characters.

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