A Family Affair by Rex Stout


Historical Mystery

A Family Affair (Mystery Masters) A Family AffairRex Stout; The Audio Partners, Mystery Masters 2006WorldCatA man is murdered in Nero Wolfe’s house. Wolfe is asleep on the floor below and Archie Goodwin is undressing in the room next door when the bomb explodes. The man carrying it needed to speak to Wolfe. He knew someone was trying to kill him. Unfortunately, “someone” succeeded before Wolfe could help.

Wolfe is outraged that someone would dare “tweak his nose” in his own home. Goodwin realizes it could have been him who opened the bomb. The police are delighted they have something to hang on Wolfe. The dead man’s employer, family, and friends, want to know why. It is the 1970’s during the time of Watergate and conspiracies. Wolfe and Goodwin are accused of suppressing evidence. Are they also involved in a conspiracy?

Wolfe is tight lipped to the police and to Goodwin. Yet Goodwin and Wolfe’s three investigators are sent different directions trying to get the information to solve the murder and two others that are connected. Since Goodwin also has his job and life on the line, he follows his own line of investigation as well.

This is the last Nero Wolfe novel published while Stout was alive. It has some surprising twists. I was not able to pull in one connection that is one of the major key clues. Even when it was explained at the end it still did not tie in for me. This is a good story despite my cluelessness. It is interesting watching Wolfe go to jail, stand mute, and have his hands tied.

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