Falling Awake by Jayne Ann Krentz



Falling awake Falling AwakeJayne Ann Krentz; G.P. Putnam’s Sons 2004WorldCatIsabel Wright just lost her job at the Belvedere Center for Sleep Research. The owner/director died and his son has taken over. The new director doesn’t see the point of her job. Dream analysis? That was just one of his father’s whims that was based on unreal beliefs. Isabel leaves the center near Los Angeles.

Ellis Cutler is a venture capitalist. He also works as a consultant for Frey Salter, Inc., Research. His special dreaming level makes him invaluable in this hidden government agency that uses dreams to solve crimes. Furthermore, Frey Salter has sent dreams for analysis to the Belvedere Center. Isabel has been analyzing Ellis’ dreams for a year now.

Isabel only knows Ellis as Client 2. Yet she feels a connection. His dreams affect her in ways she doesn’t understand. Ellis has done his research as well. He knows Isabel has been analyzing his dreams. She is very good at it, too. He wants to meet her. But that could compromise the account with Belvedere. Now that Isabel no longer works for them, he knows he has to contact her.

Someone else is trying to contact Isabel as well. But this shadow person doesn’t want to meet Isabel out of interest. This person believes Isabel may know more than she should. If so, she’ll endanger long term, secretive plans. Isabel is in danger without realizing it. Ellis meets her and gets involved in the danger. He is determined to protect her.

This is a suspense novel that doesn’t get too suspenseful. It’s a romance novel as well. The romance works, even if it is somewhat contrived. I was hoping for more from this. It’s an average novel with some good spots. I liked the sideline story that involved Isabel’s sister and her husband. Don’t expect depth, but rather an escape novel.

Notice: Explicit sexual content

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