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SuspenseRomanceFace of Danger by Roxanne St. Claire

Face of DangerRoxanne St. Claire; Forever 2011WorldCatImpersonating a Hollywood Oscar Winner could be fun – unless you’re a body double for a woman who could be murdered. Vivi Angelino thinks there isn’t a real serial killer after Hollywood actresses – until she is attacked in the actress’ getaway home.

The past two Oscar Best Actress winners died shortly after winning in unusual accidents. Now the press is speculating that there could be a serial killer. Vivi Angelino looks very similar to the nominee Cara Ferrari. Capturing a security job protecting an Oscar winning actress would make her and her brother’s new security business a success. If they land this job they could be one of the best security business in the country. But their FBI contact is unhappy. Colton Lang believes the job would be too dangerous.

Cara agrees to hire Vivi to be her body double if she wins – which she does. They prepare to fly to Nantucket where Cara’s family home is. The FBI decides to provide protection because of the publicity of a possible serial killer. Colton Lang happens to be the main agent assigned. As they board the private jet in California, Cara looks at Vivi and says she’s leaving. Vivi has to make everyone believe she is Cara, including the FBI. As soon as Vivi sees Colton on the plane she knows she has a problem. Colton knows her too well. She takes some unusual steps to convince him that she is Cara.

The first night in Cara’s home Vivi is attacked. He says some things that leads her to believe he is not the Red Carpet serial killer. In fact, there is something else going on completely. What has Vivi fallen into? What are the unsavory connections that Cara may have? Can Colton keep her alive in this new danger?

Face of Danger is the third Guardian Angelino novel by Roxeanne St. Claire. Like the first two, it has a strong edgy suspense. It also has a sizzling romance between Colton and Vivi. Once again, an FBI romantic fantasy come to life. Let’s hope a real FBI agent wouldn’t act like he does while on the job. But a girl can dream.

Vivi is a quirky character – usually a punk risk taking security agent and business owner. She has short spiky hair, a nose jewel, wears cargo pants, and skateboards to get around. Colton is the buttoned down, play-it-safe FBI agent. They both have shadows in their past they don’t want the other to ever know. Yet they’ve been striking sparks off each other for a while now. This body double job brings them into major conflict – and connection.

Good book – good escape, and I’m looking forward to another book in the series.

Notice: Explicit sexual content, Non-graphic violence

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