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Romantic SuspenseExclusive ExclusiveSandra Brown; Warner Books 1997WorldCatBarrie is amazed to find herself having coffee with the First Lady at a local restaurant. The First Lady’s baby had recently died of SIDS. Yet after the conversation, Barrie still was not sure why they had the conversation. Was the First Lady suggesting that the baby had not died of SIDS, but was murdered?

Barrie follows through with a three part series on SIDS. But the question haunts her. She travels to Wyoming to interview Gray Bondurant. He was one of the President’s trusted advisers and left Washington with rumors of an interview with the First Lady.

Barrie and Gray are drawn into the underside of Washington politics. Was President Merrit the great president he appeared? We quickly learn he has many secrets and power ploys. Gary protects Barrie from more than one attempt on her life. They are investigating the President and First Lady and the mysterious death of their three month old son.

This thriller is complex. There are very evil people as well as very good people as well as many in between. It is chilling as the machinations behind the highest office in the country are explored. This is a suspenseful, recommended read.

Notice: Strong sexual content

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