Eviction by Death by Dorian Yeager


Cozy MysteryEviction by Death by Dorian Yeager

Eviction by DeathDorian Yeager; Worldwide 1995WorldCatVictoria Bowering has been offered the leading role in a touring company of Mame. She is ecstatic. Yet how will she afford it? Her slime landlord won’t let her sublet her New York apartment. The other tenants have voted her president of the tenants’ association, but nothing gets done. Her personal life is not going well, either.

When tenants start dying in the building she discovers she is a suspect. Her current romantic interest is a cop who tries to help her. Yet he is not as interested in her as she is in him. Her almost ex-husband lawyer still gives her legal help. He doesn’t see any way out of the sublet issue. He warns her things are suspicious. When people Vic dislikes keep dying, she is in more trouble. And she has five days to sign for Mame if she wants to keep the role and not let it go to her friend Fran.

If you want a quick, pleasant read, grab this book. Otherwise, don’t bother. It never clicks. I enjoyed identifying with an older woman struggling in her career and life although we have different paths. Otherwise, the characters never catch on, the story doesn’t gel. The main character wanders through the story, letting everything happen to her. Although she is supposed to be a sufficient older (thirty-ninish) woman, she tends to wimp out in this book. The writing is fair, the characters somewhat interesting. You don’t have to avoid it, but there are better things to seek instead.

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