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SuspenseEntombed by Linda Fairstein

EntombedLinda Fairstein; Scribner 2005WorldCatWhile a building on the university campus was being demolished, a skeleton was found bricked into a wall. It appeared that she was walled in while still alive back in the 1970’s or so. Head of New York’s sex crimes unit Alex Cooper and detective Mercer Wallace get involved. The death was similar to the old Edgar Allen Poe short story. Now her friend detective Mike Chapman is investigating a cold case along with their help.

Meanwhile, an old nemesis had returned to Alex’s neighborhood. The Silk Stocking Rapist has returned. His new victim fought back and was able to get away even though she had nearly been killed. The rapes from years earlier were still open cases. New police techniques have helped. Alex is able to get an indictment on a “John Doe” whose DNA matches that that was gathered at the scenes. She tries to track the man down and lock him up this time. That is, of course, if she can get out of the hole where she has been buried alive…

Mike and Mercer are following up leads on the cold case. The more they investigate, the more Poe’s name appears. Two people are killed as the investigation continues that appear to be related to the case. Eventually, the three detectives are lead to the Raven Society, an exclusive society of Poe afficianadoes. There is even a rumor that in order to join the society, a member must have killed another person…

Entombed is the seventh novel in the Alex Cooper series, which is new to me. The Poe thread is cleverly woven throughout the book. High school students only of Poe like myself will learn much more about the troubled genius. We also learn more about the modern field of DNA forensics. The action is this novel is fast and gruesome, but not described in great detail. Linda Fairstein pulls the reader through the book with her.

This novel is representative of its genre. It’s not one of the best I’ve read but will surely satisfy the reader when finished.

The mysteries wind together well as Alex gets pulled back and forth between them.

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