Enchantress from the Stars by Sylvia Louise Engdahl


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Enchantress from the Stars Enchantress From the StarsSylvia Engdahl; Firebird 2003WorldCatElana snuck down to the primitive planet without permission. She became part of the team of Service Members who are trying to shield and protect the planet from a race still young, but further along the evolutionary trail. Elana does not have all the proper training to be interacting with a new civilization. These people cannot discover what Elana and her team members really are.

Yet Elana and the other two team members meet Georyn and his brothers. The team set out to help Georyn discover powers he does not know he has. The third race involved will only leave the planet under one definite circumstance. Georyn must learn the power without a full understanding.

Jarel is a doctor with the Imperialists, the civilization that is trying to colonize Andrecia, Georyn’s planet. Jarel disagrees with his own people. He feels the “animals” they have captured are actually sentient, feeling humans who are not as far advanced as the Imperialists are. He feels sorry for them, and sickened at the way the prisoners are being treated.

This story is told from three viewpoints. The first is narration from Elana that is like a personal diary. The second is from an observing, objective third party that describes Georyn and his actions. The third is a third person narrative from Jarel’s feelings and thoughts. In the first chapter this is a bit disconcerting. Yet it soon weaves together, necessary for the novel to achieve all sympathetic perspectives.

Great book! Elana and her team have sworn an oath not to interfere with two planets’ civilizations’ growth, yet must find a way to keep the less advanced people from being overtaken. This is handled well, with all the anguish that can come from such restrictions. As Elana interacts with Georyn and Jarel, she learns what she really believes while upholding her Oath.

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