Edge of Sight by Roxanne St. Claire


SuspenseEdge of Sight by Roxanne St. Claire

Romance Edge of SightRoxanne St. Claire; Hachette Book Group 2010WorldCatA few years earlier Samantha Fairchild witnessed a murder. Her testimony put the wrong man in prison. When she discovered her mistake, she changed her life, vowing to help others wrongly convicted. She has just been accepted into Harvard Law School. She’s working in an expensive restaurant to help earn her way.

When Sam goes to the basement for an expensive bottle of wine, she witnesses another murder. A prominent journalist is shot by a hired assassin. Unfortunately, there was an old camera filming the scene with her face as well as that of the murder. She goes to the police. But she is not well liked by the Boston Police Department. When the first case fell apart, a number of policemen lost their jobs due to improper handling of evidence and witnesses. Only the police knows she witnessed the crime. Everyone else believes that she only found the body. She isn’t given any police protection.

Finally Sam turns to an old friend, Vivi Angelino, for help. She and Vivi had grown apart after Vivi’s brother Zach left for the Middle East and left Sam with a broken heart. He never contacted her after he left. Vivi is resourceful; she certainly can help Sam find out what is going on. Sam is sure someone is trying to kill her and she wants information.

When she reaches Vivi’s apartment, she finds Zach instead. This man now has a scarred face and a missing eye covered by an eye patch. He makes no apology for his disappearance or his reappearance. He listens to Sam’s story and vows to keep her safe. Vivi agrees. Sam will be the first client of their newly formed security agency. Now Zach has to keep Sam safe when the police won’t and at least two people or groups want her dead. These unknown people are good, too, and are ruthless in getting rid of the people in their way.

Zach also must keep Sam safe from himself. He has never acknowledged the depth of his feelings for her. He’s no good for her and she hates him now…doesn’t she?

Edge of Sight kept me on the edge of my seat. Roxanne St. Claire’s novel is paced well, never gets too scary or overwhelming, and pulls the reader right in. Although the topic is suspenseful and Zach and Sam are often on the run, Edge of Sight keeps a good tone. It’s supsenseful and sensual. It’s fast and passionate. There is enough comic relief to prevent the novel from being too dark despite its dark moments.

Zach and Vivi’s strong Italian family is a backdrop for the novel. There are five others in their generation which means we can look forward to another six novels in the Guardian Angelinos series.

Notice:  Non-graphic violence, Strong indecent language, Strong sexual content

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