Earthchild by Sharon Webb


Science Fiction

Earthchild EarthchildSharon Webb; Bantam 1983WorldCat A process was developed and released throughout the world that gave immortality to humans. But it only works on children who have not yet achieved full maturity. Chaos quickly ensues because while those affected will not die of disease or old age, they are still susceptible to trauma or poisons. Many people cannot accept the fact that their children will live forever.

Kurt Kraus is fifteen when the Mouat-Gari process is released. He watches his world fall apart, the danger he and his brother are put in, and his father turn against him. Finally the children are rounded up and put into the equivalent of concentration camps for their own safety.

This is an intriguing concept. Earthchild  is fine, but is only the first of the Earth Song Triad. While it is complete, it isn’t finished and it shows. Earthchild is quite short by itself. I’ll finish the Triad, but I could wish they had been put together in one novel.

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