Earth Song by Sharon Webb


Science FictionEarth Song by Sharon Webb

Earth SongSharon Webb; Atheneum 1983WorldCatEarth Song is the second of the Earth Song Triad. This helps complete the story that was started in Earthchild. I believe these two would have been better printed together in one because they are each short.

Kurt Kraus is now over two hundred years old, although he does not look it. He is one of the the original immortals. The immortals have discovered the cost of their immortality and have rectified the problem. Humankind has learned that there is a price for any type of progress.

There was a conflict with Silvio Tarantino started in the first novel that left the reader hanging. It is continued and resolved in Earth Song, leaving yet one more story to be finished.

I like what Sharon Webb is doing here, and need to find a copy of the third one. I still believe these would have been best as one complete longer novel.

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