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Science FictionEarth is Room Enough by Isaac Asimov

Earth Is Room EnoughIsaac Asimov; Fawcett 1981WorldCatThis is a delightful collection of early short stories by Isaac Asimov from the 1950’s. All these stories are based on Earth, with only a few of them including any sort of space travel. There was a story that should have been in the I, Robot series that I do not recall reading before, “Satisfaction Guaranteed.” There are a couple poems that can be used as lyrics to Gilbert and Sullivan tunes that bemoan the science fiction writer’s fate. There are stories that solve the overpopulation problem, talk about dreaming, predict the problem of being able to revisit the past, and schoolchildren. Since this is a collection of stories printed at different times, many can be found in other collections.

This is classic, early science fiction. Except for a few anomalies like punch cards, these fit in well still today. The technological advances we have achieved do not effect the impact of these tales. I can see the possibilities of some of his imagined futures even yet.

Check the library or used book stores if you want Earth Is Room Enough. You can find other Asimov short story collections, instead, and still be well pleased.

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