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Menolly has come to the Harper’s Hall to live. Master Robinton has personally brought and sponsored her. Her hand is badly scarred from an injury that healed poorly while she was with her family at Seahold. Her feet are still raw from running in front of Threadfall. And her closest friends at the moment are her nine fire lizards.

She is here to be an apprentice Harper, even if she is a girl. Although her family still had the old prejudices, times are changing on Pern. Robinton has had the Harpers looking all over the countryside for the person who had written some wonderful story tunes. He is excited to have Menolly here where she can learn properly.

She quickly makes new friends and enemies. The girls and housemother of the girls’ dorm at Harper Hall ostracize her immediately. Peimer, the youngest apprentice, and Sebold, the newest journeyman, become good friends. Camo, the dimwit in the kitchen, is her staunch supporter. Her fire lizards are her champions, and they accept Peimer, Camo and Sebold as friends as well.

The Master Harpers in the Hall test her talents. At each challenge, she shows how much she has learned. She is also shown what she needs to take her skills and expand them, polish them, turn her into a Harper.

Menolly spends her first seven-day in Harper Hall awash with emotions. She is not used to people wanting her to sing or play instruments. She is afraid the girls will prejudice the people in the Hold against her. Her fire lizards create a ruckus at times she is trying to be unobtrusive.

This is one of McCaffrey’s Pern novels aimed at a younger audience. It is wonderful, bringing Menolly to life so the reader has total empathy with her. Her fears and nervousness are emotions that everyone can identify with. Throughout the Pern novels the planet and people are vivid and come to life. This book is an excellent volume in the series. It is the sequal to Dragonsong, Menolly’s first story. Also, Menolly appears in most of the other Pern novels.

Notice: Suggestive dialogue or situations

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