Dragons the Greatest Stories by Martin H. Greenberg, ed.



Dragons Dragons: The Greatest StoriesMartin Harry Greenberg; MJF Books 1997WorldCatDragons – one of the essential element to numerous fantasy stories. They are a staple in speculative fiction and provoke our imagination. There are the fire breathing, gold hoarding European dragons; there are the lucky, peaceful Chinese dragons. Dragons are manifested in many ways in folk tales around the world.

This is a group of short stories by various fantasy and science fiction authors. Ray Bradbury shows us a different sort of dragon. We meet Anne McCaffrey‘s smallest dragon boy. We see how a dragon disrupts a Chicago Cubs baseball game. We follow knights on quests. We follow dragons on quests. Some of the stories have dark twists. Some are just plain fun. Most are fantasy, but there is some science fiction included here, too.

This book is a wonderful addition to any fantasy reader’s collection. When a break is needed, stop and read one of these. There are some big name authors in the genre included in this book. There are others not as famous, yet still excellent authors.

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