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Thank you, Todd McCaffrey (Johnson), for taking on Pern. While it’s hard to acknowledge your mother won’t go on for the rest of my life, you’ve taken the world and made it your own without ruining hers, but enhancing it.

Dragonheart is the second Pern book Todd has written alone, fifth total (three are with his mom). It is enchanting. It also is a portrayal of growing up and taking responsibility when necessary. It’s not classified as young adult, but is good for that audience as well as adults. If you haven’t met anyone in Pern, you could start here comfortably. You wouldn’t have all the background story, but you’d have the heart of the tales.

Fiona is Lord Bemin’s only surviving daughter after a plague over ten years earlier. Now she has impressed a queen dragon and is a weyrwoman as well as a lord holder’s daughter. Thread is coming – a burning parasite that falls from the outer reaches of the sky for about 50 Turns every 200 Turn cycle. the flying dragons of Pern are the best defense against Thread, burning it before it hits the ground and burrows in.

Not only is Thread imminent, but many of the dragons are sick and dying. There doesn’t seem to be a cure. The young dragons aren’t mature enough to fly and fight Thread yet. A solution is sought to save Pern before Thread ruins it. Fiona soon discovers she and her queen dragon, Talenth, have a pivotal role in that solution. Now they both have to learn their own worth and mettle.

If you are already a fan of Pern, you’ll find Todd McCaffrey’s newest addition to the series, Dragonheart, quite welcome. If you don’t know of it yet, check it out. Then, go try Dragonflight, the first Pern novel Anne McCaffrey wrote. Soon you’ll want to read all the rest. This book is also a follow up to Dragonharper and obviously has a follow up to come.

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