Dragon Prince by Melanie Rawn


FantasyDragon Prince (Dragon Prince, Book 1) Dragon PrinceMelanie Rawn; DAW 1988WorldCat

 This is the saga of Rohan, Prince of the Desert, as he comes of age, into power, and into ruling. He has watched his father, Zehava, fight and kill dragons all his life. Rohan knows the dragons are necessary to the Desert although he does not know why. He wants to bring peace to the entire land and bring down the evil High Prince Roelstra.

Sioned is a Sunrunner with strong faradhi training. She has lived with the Sunrunners since she was sent for training as a teen. She has learned much of the Sunrunner magic, including communicating on beams of light and creating fire. She puts her training to use in aid of her land.

Rohan and Sioned seem fated for one another. The Lady Andrade, highest Sunrunner, has shown them both visions of the other. They feel an immediate attraction. Yet Rohan will not marry her when she arrives at his hold. He has political plans, and Sioned must take second to the future he envisions. She may be part of it; he will bring an end to the constant wars in the land and he will find a way to protect the dragons.

This is an addicting novel in the truest sense. There are times it hurt me so badly I had to put it down for a while. My emotions would get all twisted up with the characters’, especially in the last third of the book. I had to put it down; yet soon I had to pick it up and start reading again. Once I started, I was hooked. I would have been happier if the novel had ended two thirds of the way through with a “happily ever after” ending. It does not do that, making this tale very realistic. By the times it concludes the reader is content with the conclusion knowing it was hard won and there will be more trials to deal with before all is done in the Desert.

This book should be a must on anyone’s list who likes fantasy and/or dragons..

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