Dragon Harper by Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey


Science FictionDragon Harper by Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey

Dragon HarperAnne McCaffrey; Todd McCaffrey; Del Rey/Ballantine Books 2007WorldCatKindon has come to Harper Hall as an apprentice. He started mid-cycle, which meant he didn’t get any friendships built with other new Harper apprentices. He also has more life experience than the others, although he keeps that quiet. When young Verilan and the two Harper girls Kelsa and Nonala join, Kindon becomes their protector and friend. Vaxoram, the senior apprentice, is a bully. He doesn’t like Kindon and doesn’t approve of female Harpers. Vaxoram and his pals are always picking on Kindon and his friends when they’re out of sight of the Masters.

The friends continue their studies and try to avoid the bullies. They don’t always succeed. Tension is very high among the apprentices at Harper Hall.

Pern has another danger coming. A deadly plague attacks the people of Pern. Soon the apprentice Harpers are busier than they expected becoming temporary Healers. The Harpers and Healers now try to keep people alive and keep the Weyr people away from the Holds. The dragon riders can’t afford to get ill with Thread time approaching. Only dragons and their riders can prevent the ravaging Thread from falling from the sky to demolish anything it falls upon. If the dragons don’t fly, Pern’s civilization is lost. If the plague kills all the people in the Holds, Crafts and scattered throughout Pern, who will the dragon riders protect?

A friend has been reading straight through this group of Pern novels by Todd and Anne McCaffrey. She is tired of the epidemics that keep sweeping through Pern. Since I read them with a time break, I haven’t noticed. But of course the next one I pick up (Dragon Harper) features a deadly epidemic.

Even so, I liked the characters in Dragon Harper and was entertained by it. Kindon, who was featured in Dragon’s Fire, is the main character in this novel. He comes from a high point at the end of Dragon’s Fire to being an underdog as the new apprentice and object of the bullies. He has a strong inner core and is able to keep working at his studies and care for his friends.

Dragon Harper is uplifting and sad at the same time. I enjoyed it and was smiling widely when I closed the last page. This is escape reading and does it’s job well.

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