Dragon Coast by Greg van Eekhout


FantasyDragon Coast by Greg van EekhoutDaniel Blackland is in the search of a dragon. In Pacific Fire, Otis Roth, Sister Tooth, and Gabriel Argent, all powerful magicians with their own specialties, were working together to bring the bones of a firedragon back to life using bits of magical bone, leather, organic bits, and other pieces. Daniel and his adopted son, Sam, went to stop the dragon and destroy it. Instead, Sam became part of the dragon and brought it to its magical life. Now Daniel wants to rescue Sam and still destroy the dragon.

Gabriel had worked with Otis and Sister Tooth hoping to destroy the firedragon before they could magically animate it. Now he agrees to help Daniel in a plan to wipe out the dragon. Daniel’s plan includes a method to pull Sam ‘s conscience out of the dragon first and put it in a new golem.

Sam was the golem of one of the most powerful osteomancer magicians of the time. Now he has merged with the dragon’s mind. Sam has that magic in himself, but he can’t use it to control the firedragon. He tries, but is unable to prevent the firedragon from ravaging Southern California neighborhoods. He is the dragon, yet can’t control it.

As Daniel finally reached the firedragon and is ready to try his spell when the creature is highjacked by military forces from Northern California. Now he devises a new plan that includes Gabriel and Daniel’s friends Moth and Cassandra. They sneak across the border and head north.

Daniel had to face down his golem brother Paul when trying to capture and destroy the firedragon before it was animated. Now he impersonates Paul to get close to the Hierarch of Northern California to get the magic he needs to revive Sam. The person who will be the most difficult to fool is his own mother. Cassandra and Gabriel invade through the water tunnels. Water is Gabriel’s specialty and his strength. The plan will have all of them meet at the dragon’s current lair.

Greg van Eekhout’s osteomancer series concludes with Dragon Coast. I found this to be the weakest of the three, yet the world is fascinating. (OK, it’s wasn’t quite so fascinating when I finally figured out osteomancers gain power through cannibalism – I kept reading it but not putting the thoughts together…)  van Eekhout created his believable world that imagines new uses and sources of magic.

Southern California is divided into territories governed by magicians who continue to want more power and more strength. For now, no one has proved stronger than everyone else like the Hierarch had been. Daniel or Sam could probably take his place, but Daniel doesn’t want to become like the old Hierarch or his parents. Sam learned from Daniel and is still learning his true strength.

van Eekhout pulls magic in a new, fascinating way. Dragon Coast is the finale of Daniel’s story. (Or is it? Northern California is still out there and could become a threat.)

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